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Welcome to sydney results clinic. We are Sydney's results focused psychology practice, providing telehealth psychology and Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is an established treatment that is used to facilitate change in the subconscious. We specialise in behavioural changes, psychological health and emotional well being.
We have helped hundreds of people achieve lasting changes, and have amongst the highest client success rates. Most of our clients make significant progress within 3-5 sessions, saving them time, anguish and money over the long-term, when compared to other treatments and medications.

Health insurance rebates are available. Visiting with us can help to overcome various issues such as- anxiety, psychological matters, depression, self-esteem, fears & phobias, eating disorders, negative habits, and hypnotherapy for eating.
To book a session now, please call (02) 8542 5980.
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The practitioners at sydney results clinic have an exceptional understanding of human behaviour and subconscious processes.

Terrence McClendon- Psychologist & Author, NSW.
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please call (02) 8542 5980
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